Organic Maple Ring Teethers │ Product Review │ Mister & His Sister

I wanted to share with you the best teethers ever! Seriously!…these things are so great and I will tell you why. The second I gave my teething monster one of these, she instantly loved it! She started passing it between her chubby little hands inspecting it, then munch, right in her mouth! To her surprise, the fabric had that great crinkle stuff inside! She would chew on it, then play with it, then chew on it and play with it and soon she discovered the maple wood ring…it’s like two teethers/toys in one! I notice that she definitely feels better after I give her one of these. The fabric is made out of organic materials with one side being terry cloth to sooth those little baby gums. The maple wood is untreated and chemical-free…how great is that! It feels so good knowing I’m giving my baby some relief and also doing so by not giving her anything harmful or toxic like some of those plastic teethers. If you really want to make your little one happy, add a little water to the fabric and place it in the freezer for a few minutes…these things are so versatile!

You can purchase one of these awesome Organic Bunny Ear Teethers at Mister & His Sister by going to her Facebook page: She is amazing, go check her out!

And because I love these so much, my clients will be receiving one of these along with their orders as a special thank you from me.


Aren’t these patterns just adorable!

Jennifer Batz Photography Connecticut Newborn PhotographerJennifer Batz Photography Connecticut Newborn PhotographerWhen your baby takes it apart, it’s so easy to put it back together!Jennifer Batz Photography Connecticut Newborn PhotographerLook at that excellent craftsmanship!Jennifer Batz Photography Connecticut Newborn Photographer